The status of your Signature Request is so intuitive that it probably doesn't merit much explanation. Even with as intuitive as it is, though, it's a very important and useful concept in PactSafe.

You see the Signature Request status at the top of the Signature Request screen. Pick any Signature Request from the Dashboard and click it to see for yourself.

The four status values are:

  • Draft: The Request stays in this status until you send the Request to one or more Signers.
  • Sent: This is the status after you've sent the Request but before the Signer has looked at it.
  • Open: This status means the Signer has opened the Request but hasn't signed it yet. If the Request went to more than one Signer, the Request goes into this status as soon as any Signer opens it and stays there until all Signers sign it.
  • Complete: All Signers have completed the Contract.

In addition to in the Signature Request itself, you can also see the Signature Request status on the Dashboard. On the Dashboard, you might also see a status of Expired. A Signature Request can have this status if you expired it before it was complete. A Request that shows as Expired on the Dashboard will show the status it had when you expired it, when you open the Request itself.

Many processes in PactSafe only make sense for Signature Requests in one status or another. For example, you can only add comments to a Request in Open status or pause a Request in Sent or Open status.

Tip: At the top of the Dashboard and in the Dashboard filters you might notice another category alongside these statuses: In Progress. In Progress isn't really a status—it just indicates that and Open Request has multiple Signers, some who have completed the Contract and some who haven't. When a Request is In Progress, you see a Progress bar on the dashboard that indicates how many of the Signers are left to go.

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