Tokens and fields are tools PactSafe provides to let you customize a Contract for a Signer without having to make a separate copy of the Contract.  

Tokens let you put static information about the Signer into a Contract. You put tokens into your Contract as placeholders for information, such as client name or client address, and PactSafe pops the right value for the Signer in to the Contract when you send the Contract in a Signature Request. Learn more about tokens in this Tokens user guide

Contract Fields, on the other hand, leave spaces in the Contract for the sender to fill in just before sending. You can set a default value or set up a pick list to restrict the values the Signer can choose in a field. You can dig in deeper on Contract fields in Configuring Contract fields in a Signature Request

Let's look at an example. This is a Contract with a Company Name token. The system pulled the Company Name value of "PactSafe" off the company's profile. The Contract also has a Contract Term field with a drop-down that lets the sender choose among a few options from a pick list.

Tip: Tokens and Contract fields let you customize the Contract for your Signers, but there are also Signer fields that let Signers specify specific information for themselves. See the What are Signer fields article to get the scoop.   

If you're having trouble with any of it, we're here to help! Just open a chat or email us at

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