When you create a Contract, you can include tools that make it easy to customize the Contract when you send it as part of a Signature Request:

  • Tokens, which automatically update with Signer-specific information at the time you send the Signature Request
  • Contract Fields, which the person sending the Contract fills out at as part of sending the Signature Request,
  • Signer Fields, which Signers fill out themselves as part of signing

Right now, we're interested in those Signer Fields. When your Contract has Signer Fields in it, you need to assign the fields to your Signers as part of sending the Signature Request. It's like giving your Signers a little homework.

For example, you might send a purchase order to both a manager and the manager's VP. If the Contract includes two Signer Fields, you might assign the first field to the Manager and the second field to the VP. 

When viewing a Contract, you can reach the Fields tab (where you do the field assigning) in the right hand menu.

Once there, you can assign Fields quickly via the dropdown menu.

Want more on Assigning Fields? Check out our walkthrough: How do I assign Fields to a Signer? You should also know that if a Contract has many Signer Fields in it that should be assigned to particular people, it might make sense to assign each field to a Signer Role when you're creating the Contract. In that case, assigning the fields to the Signers looks a little different because you just assign each Signer to a Signer Role and PactSafe automatically assigns them the fields for that Role.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to start a chat or email us at help@pactsafe.com.

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