Ready to send a Contract for signature? You want a new Signature Request. Simply click the paper airplane icon to start. 

The first thing you'll do is choose which Contract you're requesting the Signer to sign. You can choose an existing Contract or you can even upload a Contract that's sitting on your computer's hard drive.

A screen appears where you can see:

  • The Signature Request status on top
  • A preview of the Contract on the bottom
  • A panel with several tabs on the right, which we'll talk about below 

Info Tab

The first tab, denoted with an i in a circle, is the info tab. On this tab, you can: 

  • See the Name and Description for the Signature Request
  • See the Status of the Signature Request
  • Enter a date on which the Signature Request Expires 
  • Choose whether to require the Signer to scroll to the bottom of the Contract before agreeing by toggling the Force Scroll switch
  • Choose whether to share a link to the Contract, rather than sending the link in an email, text message, or chat message by toggling the SmartPact switch
  • Give Signers the option to download the Contract as a PDF or a Word file by toggling the Download Format switch 
  • Decide whether to use PactSafe's Comments feature to collaborate with Signers on the Contract by toggling the Allow Comments switch
  • See the dates when the Signature Request was Published, Created, and Updated

Signers Tab

By default, you start on the Signers tab so you can specify who should sign the Contract. You also have the option to require identity confirmation from the Signers or specify the Signing Order for the Signers.

Fields Tab

If your Contract has Contract fields, you'll specify the values for those fields, and if your Contract has signer fields, you assign each field to a Signer to fill out. 

Check out the Sending Requests for Contract Signatures Overview for a deep dive on everything that's possible.

Tokens Tab

You can set up Contracts to pull information about a Signer in to the Contract automatically.  

History Tab

This tab shows the history of everything that's happened with this Signature Request. 

Signature Requests are the heart of sending Contracts for Signature, so there's a a lot to say about that. If you're scratching your head, there's no need to struggle! Just start a chat or email us at

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