Have multiple fields that need to be assigned to a single Signer? We have an easy option to assign all fields to a single Signer with just one click!

First, search for your Signer, or add a new Signer to your Signature Request. Next, you'll want to hover over the Options menu (the circle with three dots) for that Signer and click Assign All Fields from the menu that appears. 

We also recommend using this feature when you want to assign the majority of fields to one Signer and only a few fields to a co-Signer. First, assign all the fields to the primary Signer, and then click on each field you want to assign to the co-Signer and choose Add a Signer.

Then, all you need to do is add a new Signer. Once you've added the new Signer, change who the field is Assigned To

Always remember to click Done or Save when changing Signers or field types. 

If you run in to trouble, we're ready to help! Just open up a chat session and we'll get you through it. Or, if email is more your thing, our address is help@pactsafe.com.

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