What changes can I expect to see in my account?

You will start to see minor changes to your PactSafe experience that will not impact your functionality, nor the processes and workflows you are used to within the app. These changes will include:

  • Replacing the PactSafe Logo with the Ironclad Logo in your sidebar nav

  • Replacing the PactSafe colors with Ironclad colors

  • Replacing the footers and terms with Ironclad terms and footer links

  • PactSafe website re-directing to Ironclad website

Here's an example of the new branding:

When will those changes take place?

These changes will go live on September 8th, 2021.

Where do I go to login to my PactSafe account?

You will no longer be able to visit PactSafe’s site to access the login button there, however, the URL to access the PactSafe app will not change. You can still log into your PactSafe environment from https://app.pactsafe.com/login. The login will be updated to reflect Ironclad branding conventions. Below is an image of what you can expect.

Will you continue to support the PactSafe environment?

Absolutely, we are not sunsetting any portion of the PactSafe app and will not do so without ensuring a clear migration path for all customers. These are simply branding updates to align with our unified company.

Can I still access old help articles?

Yes, you can. The PactSafe success center will live here, and we will also be copying select articles to the main Ironclad Help Center.

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