Classic PactSafe

Updates ✨

International signing for Japan and Mexico based signers

Just because your legal team is US based, doesn't mean your signers are. We have been working hard to allow our customers to send and execute contracts across the globe. The first effort in this theme is support for Japan and Mexico based signers. This is available as a limited release, if you would like to explore this function for your workflow, reach out to the Product Team to learn more!

Japanese signing experience PactSafe

Improvements 📈

  • Global Infrastructure improvements to allow PactSafe customers to send contracts to signers in different regions 🌍

  • Reduced response time by more than 100% in India and Japan regions

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Cloning a Personalized Contract no longer shows an error after a contract was successfully cloned ⚠️

  • When using comments on a contract, the sender of the contract was not being alerted when a new comment was made. Now, all people involved are alerted on each action. Talk about staying in the know!

  • When navigating directly to a contract in PactSafe from a URL, creating new versions would bug out. This is now fixed!

New PactSafe

Updates ✨

Brand new editing experience for Templates in the New PactSafe 🎉

We have completely re-vamped our editor tool in the New PactSafe platform. This new design comes with improved and net new functionality, including the expansion of editing abilities in Personalized and Hosted agreements.

  • Ability to drag and drop elements into your templates from the revamped sidebar menu to save time

  • A more reliable copy and paste experience to reduce formatting time

  • Ability to add fields for Personalized and Hosted templates use-cases within the new Editor

  • Assign signer roles to fields to quickly assign signers and deliver your contract

  • New right sidebar menu to view and configure field properties in one place

Improvements 📈

  • Improvements to pasting content from Microsoft Word into a template in the new editor 📝

  • Improvements to the layout of the Template editor page 👀

  • Signer Roles now only appear if you're creating a Personalized template, to make sending your contract quick and smooth 👍🏼

  • You can now create a new template to send in your contract from the prepare flow, talk about smoooooooth.

  • Embedded, Hosted, and Personalized contracts have the same design layout and functionality on their details pages

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • When using the embed tab on an embedded contract, the contract name would not update in the code snippets when updated. Now, they work as one and are always in sync!

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