For years, PactSafe customers have benefited from our Legal Centers: a portion of our platform that allows a company to host policies and terms online at a dedicated URL.

2020 forced a global acceleration towards online business, accelerating and amplifying a trend that had been steadily growing for about a decade prior. As a result, companies in both non-traditional industries and online native industries have seen their timelines for digital transformation shortened.

When conducting online business, your policies and online terms are your company's first line of defense. The cohesive management, proper update cadence, and consistent presentation of those agreements is essential to ensuring enforceable and secure customer interactions.

We wanted to make it easier for companies and teams tasked with online terms management to find a solution that helped them streamline and simplify the creation, publication, presentation, and management of all online terms. So, we have packaged Legal Center functionality into a new product that is designed to do just that.

Publish unlocks advanced customization, presentation, management and branding options for your online legal terms. Designed specifically for legal content management, our platform centralizes every aspect of terms management into a single portal.

  • Create, edit and publish your terms and policies from within the PactSafe platform

  • View the version history of your terms/policies

  • Customize the HTML powering your Legal Center

  • Create multiple Legal Centers to host unique policies for your products, brands, or sites/apps

  • Add in advanced branding elements and customize templates for your Legal Center

  • Host multiple documents or agreements within your Legal Center(s)

  • Easily link to agreements hosted on your page in app, on site, or even in other contracts and agreements

Easily add additional Legal Centers for distinct brands, product lines, or even resellers to ensure consistent terms presentation across your entire online ecosystem.

If you want to read more about Legal Centers, check out the following articles in our Help Center:

For more information on specific capabilities or functionality, please reach out to our team to learn more. Existing customers, contact your CSM, new visitors please contact

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