The New PactSafe ✨ 💙 🚨

On November 4th, we rolled out the New PactSafe to the first set of early adopters! We will be using a phased approach to progressively migrate all of our customers and we'll notify your team when it's your turn. Want to learn more? Check out our FAQ article here!

Signer Authentication 🔐

Two-factor authentication is becoming a staple functionality in many products to protect users against hackers & bad actors. Following this trend, we have implemented the new Signer Authentication feature for Personalized contracts! Turning on Signer Authentication will force signers to verify their email address or phone number before they can accept your contract. With this feature, the worry of signer fraud is no more! Verifying your signers are who they say they are is one step closer to air-tight PactSafe legal protection. 🔒 ✨


  • Scheduled stability & backend improvements to keep PactSafe chugging along smoothly.

  • Improvements to the Markdown editor to make formatting and exporting terms in Markdown a breeze!

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