Updates 💙

Introducing Merge Fields

Have you ever needed to be able to change one, small piece of a contract before sending it out for acceptance to align with the signers location?

In the past, this has been a manual process of either editing the contract before sending each time or creating many versions of the same contract, neither of which are ideal. We have developed a new feature in PactSafe to address this need and make contract templates more universal, while decreasing the time it takes to send a contract to a signer.

Merge Fields are a new property that can be created, managed, and utilized in your account to provide location specific information to your signers. Users can create a Merge Field in their settings and define conditions for what should be shown to signers based on the locale tag on the contract.

For example, think about if you wanted to provide your signer with pricing for a product they are purchasing, but the pricing depends on which country they are in. You could create a Merge Field with conditions for each country's pricing, and PactSafe will display the correct amount to the signer automagically. ✨

Interested in this feature? Reach out to our Product or CS team to find out more!

Retrieve Contracts in Markdown

We all know that contracts written in HTML offer a universal, mobile-friendly experience for the signer, but doesn't work for every scenario. To solve this issue, we have built a feature that allows our customers to easily retrieve a published contract in Markdown instead of HTML to easily present your terms in places that require Markdown formatting. For example, gaming systems, web apps, and more. This feature expands the number locations where your PactSafe contracts can be presented, increasing your legal presence and keeping your protection air tight! 🔒

Draft Contracts from Right to Left

To make your PactSafe contracts more global, we have built a feature in our template editor that allows you to draft terms that read from right to left. This will allow our customers to publish or send contracts that are in different languages and expand their PactSafe usage to other parts of the world. 🌍

Improvements 🙌🏼

  • Routine stability & performance updates to keep your PactSafe experience ahmaziiing.

  • Added a permission to allow users to edit metadata on a template, so no bandits can disrupt your perfectly organized template library.

  • Before, URLs placed in a token wouldn't be clickable by signers, now URLs can be used inside a token and be clicked by signers!

  • We have created a new webhook event type in our library for when a request expires, this will help notify our webhook customers of expired contracts in their account.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Sometimes when sending a contract to a signer using a text message, our system would get into an infinite loop and have trouble sending the message. Now, our system will no longer get stuck infinitely talking to a text bot and messages will be delivered every time.

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