Brand Spankin' New Salesforce Integration

  • Our classic SFDC integration was getting old and not as snappy as it used to be, so we rebuilt the integration from scratch. This new version of our SFDC integration offers a 10x increase in performance to our customers, to make sending contracts to opportunities smooth as butta. Who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks?! Reach out to your CS agent to make sure you are on the newest version!

Bulk Send Personalized Contracts from Salesforce

  • We have built a new premium feature that provides the ability to deliver a personalized contract to up to 500 opportunities at one time. This is a game changer for customers sending massive amounts of the same contract to different signers to streamline the delivery process. Keep in mind this feature requires some help from our implementation team to set it up in your SFDC environment. Interested? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information! 🙌🏼


  • Routine stability & performance updates to keep your PactSafe experience stellar. 

Bug Fixes 

  • We found an annoying issue involving contracts with tags that had been shared between multiple sites, where the tags could not be edited or removed at all after sharing. We put on our detective hats, dug in, and by George, quickly resolved it. 🕵🏼‍♀️

  • Our ability to reject a contract was causing issues for SmartPact users: if the SmartPact was rejected by one signer, no other signers could access the contract. We realized that rejecting a SmartPact didn't make a ton of sense after talking with customers, so we removed the functionality from SmartPacts. 

  • We uncovered a problem when signers are marked as undeliverable because of a bad email address, they would not be reflected as a deliverable status when they were fixed, causing confusion to users. We figured out where the problem was coming from and whipped up a patch in the nick of time.

  • For customer's using our Okta Integration who wanted to disable the feature and login as normal, there was a problem with the app not realizing that the integration was disabled and preventing logins for these users. We had a stern talking to with our system and now it will respect regular logins when Okta is disabled. 😇

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