When drafting new policies around COVID-19 that your entire company needs to review, you don't have many options to share. There are intranets, Sharepoint, Slack, etc. Unfortunately, it's hard to manage and version these documents over time, and there's no time more fluid than the current situation where you'll need to be nimble.

A Legal Center is a web page hosted by PactSafe that allows you to publish public-facing policies or agreements to a URL that you can share with your company (such as yourcompany.pactsafe.io).

We'll walk through how to set up a Legal Policy Center that will automatically give you a URL that you can share with your company just like Upwork or Outbrain. Here's an example of a COVID-19 Policy Center we put together.

What you need

All you need to get started is:

How does it work?

To publish documents to your Legal Center, you can set any contract or policy to be "public". All documents marked "public" in PactSafe are automatically published to the Legal Center.

To mark an agreement or policy as public, simply click into any contract in your dashboard:

Here you can simply enable the toggle to set the contract to be public:

Once you mark the agreement as public and go back to your agreements:

You'll now see that when you hover over additional options on your agreement that "View Legal Center" is available for you. Try it out to preview what your policy will look like:

Now, whenever you publish changes to your public agreements or policies, your Legal Center is automatically published to reflect the changes.

To brand your Legal Center, you simply go to Settings > Branding (click here to go to your Branding Settings):

From there, you can easily add your logo and color scheme to customize the look & feel of your Legal and Policy Center.

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