• When uploading signer data to PactSafe from a CSV file, the signer’s created time always defaulted to when the file was imported. This change will allow you to add a signer created time column to your CSV to provide the actual date and time the signer was created. This is much better. Trust us. 


  • Enhancements we made to our systems stability and security ensure your data is (as always) safe and sound. 

  • We completed updates to our Manually Complete feature to enhance performance for users. 

Bug Fixes 

  • Uploading a large file to manually complete a contract wouldn’t actually mark the contract as complete. We had a talking-to with our system and now the contracts will be marked as complete with any size file. 

  • We recently released a change that made all data exports a difficult file type to open for customers. We realized this was the opposite of an enhancement, and quickly reverted. Your data can now be exported as normal CSV files again!

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