Within the new PactSafe experience, we have made enhancements to the Signer  Page, giving our customers greater insight to the individuals accepting their contracts and agreements.  

The main changes we are going to focus in on in this document include: 

  1. The ability to sort the signers list by various fields 
  2. The ability to import a .CSV of signers to avoid manual input

Signers Page in new PactSafe experience

The Signers Page can be found from the homepage simply by clicking the tab labeled "Signers" to the right of the PactSafe icon in the top, left corner.  

Once you have navigated to the Signers Page, you will see the screen captured above.  This screen displays a few key values, such as: 

  1. Signer icon 
  2. Signer name and ID 
  3. Title of the signer within your organization  
  4. Email of the signer 
  5. Phone (if provided) 
  6. Time that the signer was created 
  7. The date and time of the last action involving the contract/agreement
  8. The date and time there was last activity in the contract/agreement  

You can actively sort based on the column titles (Created at, Last Action, etc.) by clicking on them, which will cause the signers list to sort itself in accordance with your selection.  

For example, if you click on "Created at", as highlighted in the image above, the list will sort to display the most recently created at the top.  

The "Import" function is a new addition to the PactSafe experience as a whole: something that was not present in the previous iteration of PactSafe.  This function was built to limit the amount of manual data entry required of a PactSafe user in order to create signers enabled to accept their contracts/agreements.  

By clicking "Import", you can upload a .CSV file that will pull all listed signer information into PactSafe, and automatically create signer profiles for everyone listed.  

The .CSV file has to be formatted the following way, in the template PactSafe provides, which can also be accessed by selecting "Download Sample .CSV File":  




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