Log into your PactSafe App. If you are a part of the initial Preview Group, you will see a banner at the top of your dashboard. Clicking “Try it out” will take you into the New App, and Learn More will take you to FAQ and Knowledge Base articles with additional information on New App. 

Once you are in the New App, you will be taken to the main dashboard. All contract templates will still be created in the Classic App, and then will be pulled in to populate the “My Documents” section of the New App. All editing of the documents will also be done in Classic App. From the main page on the New App, you can see recent contract activities, and launch the new Prepare Contract flow. 

Once you have launched the Prepare Contract Flow, you will see a menu asking you if you want to prepare a Standard or Personalized Contract. The only active flow is for Standardized Contracts. 

You will then be asked to select your method of delivery for the contract you are about to prepare. For this example, we will walk through the first option: embedded.

You are now into the “Setup Assistant” portion of the flow. Every tile is available for you to click back into throughout the prepare flow, so you can adjust and make edits all the way through setting the contract live. 

Select the documents that you wish to distribute. You can select multiple documents, and they will appear in the order in which you select them in the sidebar, left of the document library. The only documents that will be available to select will be ones created in Classic App.  You cannot organically create contracts within New App yet.  All documents selections are populated from those created in Classic App. 

You can manually adjust the order of the documents by drag and dropping them into the correct order, using the icon to the left of the document title. You can also remove the documents from the sending order by clicking the “x” located to the right of the document title.

You will then be directed to set your signer view: how you would like the contract(s) to be displayed to the signer when they are accessed.  You can tailor the signing experience down to the Acceptance Language that accompanies that contracts (see box at the bottom of signer views).  

You will then have the option to "Tailor Your Experience", toggling on certain settings around confirmation emails, force scrolling to accept, etc. 

Before moving on through the remainder of the implementation process, this summary of all your selections and included documentation will be presented.  At this time, you can click into any of the individual “Tiles” (Select Your Documents, Tailor Your Experience, etc.) and make changes to your selections.  You can also Save your current selections to finish at a later time, or select to proceed to the next phase of implementation.  

Once you hit “Continue to Implementation”, you will see a summary page with all of the selections, settings, and contract details displayed for a final confirmation.  At this stage, the contract is still in draft mode.  

If you access the "Developer" tab in the left corner of the page, you will be directed to the code snippets you need to implement in order to complete the contract creation process.  

You can use the variables HTML entry to tailor the code snippets, and will see the changes reflected in the subsequent code blocks. 

You can copy the code snippets onto your clipboard by simply clicking the "Copy Icon" to the right of each block.  

When you select “Go Live” in the right hand corner, your contract will go into effect per your selections. 

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