How do I gain access to the New App? 

We are releasing the New App to certain groupings of customers in Beta. If you are a part of the first group, as of July 1st, 2019, when you login to PactSafe, you will see a banner at the top of your dashboard. When you click Try It Out, you will be taken directly into the New App.  If you click Learn More, you will be able to access additional information on New App. 

What can I do, functionally, within New App? 

As of the initial Beta Launch on July 1st, 2019, we will only be rolling out the preview of “Prepare Contract” flow that allows you to prepare and send SmartPacts and embedded clickwrap agreements, aka “Standard Contracts,” in the New App.

You can prepare and send these types of contracts from within New App beginning July 1st. All other functionality will redirect you to the Classic App for the time being. Eventually, all functionality will be present in New App as we progressively sunset the Classic App. 

Does accessing New App impact the cost of PactSafe?

No, this is simply an update to the app to enhance customer experience, and a part of our effort to continuously improve our offering. No additional cost will be charged to your account when you use the new app.  

When will Classic App go away for good? 

We will not sunset the Classic App without thorough communication with all our customers to ensure they are ready to be moved over.

Since the Classic App and the New App are fed by the same database, there should be no issues with migration: all of your templates, signer information, version history, signing logs, etc. will be present in the New App.  

Can I create Personalized Contracts within the New App? 

No, at this time, the only prepare flow in New App is Standardized Contracts, what we call SmartPacts and embedded URL clickwraps in Classic App Today. We are slowly migrating all functionality into New App and want to receive user feedback along the way so that we can ensure a tailored, responsive customer experience.

Where did the analytics on Dashboard go within New App? 

Rest assured, all relevant data is still being collected for the agreements tied to your account. However, the analytics display portion of PactSafe's services will remain in Classic App to ensure you have uninterrupted access to the data that powers your business, located in a familiar and accessible place.

Where is the menu to navigate through New App? 

You can easily access relevant functionality, sub pages, etc. by clicking on your User Icon in the top right corner of the app.  

Where is Editor located in New App? 

Editor is still housed in the Classic App.  You can access Editor by returning to Classic App. This functionality will be migrated to New App at a later time.  

Can I still send documents in a specified order? 

Yes! In the second step of your prepare flow, entitled Documents, you will see a panel on the left side of your various templates.  

As you select the documents, they will appear in the order in which they were selected on that left sidebar. 

Within that sidebar, you can physically reorder the documents via drag and drop, and even remove documents by clicking the “x” located to the right of the document title.

At any time in the prepare flow, prior to sending, you can return to the Documents tile and re-order your documents.

I made a change in Classic App that is not being reflected in New!

If you make a change in Classic App while you have New App open in a different tab, you will need to refresh the New App page in order to see the changes reflected, and vice versa. Anytime you have both apps open at the same time, there will be a slight delay and need to refresh to view any changes.   

How can I return to Classic App?

For now, when you access New App, it will always open in a new tab, making sure your place in Classic App is saved in a separate tab. To get back, you can always select your original, Classic App tab and hit refresh to ensure that any work done in New App transfers over.

You can also open up a new tab in your browser and type in to automatically login to Classic App.

To return to the Classic App from within New App, you have a few options, all of which will open in new tabs:

  • Click on your User Profile avatar, select user settings which will return you to Classic App
  • Click on your User Profile avatar, select legal center, will take you to legal center settings in the Classic App
  • After you send a contract, click the “activity” tab, this will open a new tab that takes you into the Classic App
  • In the Prepare Contract flow, if you select Personalized Contract, that will take you back to Classic App to create/execute that contract type
  • If you click on any signer avatar on your screen, that will also return you to the Classic App.
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