You might have one, two, or a whole bunch of Sites in PactSafe. Sites help you keep your Contracts and operations nice and organized when you have multiple websites, mobile apps, geographies, departments, or business units all using PactSafe.  Or, you might just have one Site to be your real Site and another one to be your test Site. The What is a Site article digs deep into Sites. 

Each Site is like a separate PactSafe account, except that users can easily move between the Sites they have access to without having to log out of one account and log back in to a different account. You can add the Sites that you need and invite the users to the Sites that they should have access to.  

Note: The ability to add multiple Sites inside of PactSafe is a premium feature for our Established and/or Enterprise customers.

Changing between Sites

Changing between Sites is super simple. Just click the crossing arrows button at the bottom of the navigation toolbar. 

When you click this button, the Sign in to another site window pops up. This is where you see a list of all the Sites you have access to and pick the one you want to visit.

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