A SmartPact is a nifty tool that assigns a public URL to your Contract. You can use the URL in your websites, emails, text messages, chats, or however you communicate with your Signers. 

Because the URL goes to a static Contract, it makes sense to use SmartPacts only when the Contracts don't need to be customized to the Signer. For example, the Terms of Service on your website probably doesn't call for any fields to be filled out; instead, all Signers just agree to exactly the same Terms. You could easily use a SmartPact for this kind of Contract.

Note: You need to have the Expanded edition or higher to use SmartPacts.

The SmartPacts screen

To get to the SmartPacts screen in PactSafe, simply click the SmartPacts button in the navigation toolbar.

The SmartPacts screen appears where you can see the SmartPacts in your account. It contains a sort of mini-dashboard just for your SmartPacts.

From this screen, you can do several things with the SmartPacts you already have:

  • See how many SmartPacts are in Draft status and how many are Published using the visual indicators at the top.

  • Limit which SmartPacts you see in the list by clicking the dropdown under the circles. You can choose My SmartPacts, Everyone's SmartPacts, or Others' SmartPacts. Tip: If you aren't finding the SmartPact that you're looking for, check this filter. 

  • Search for a particular SmartPact by clicking the magnifying glass icon.

  • Refresh the list by clicking the circle arrow icon.

  • Filter the list by clicking the abacus icon. Clicking this icon displays the Filter SmartPacts panel where you can filter the list based on SmartPact Status and whether it's Paused, Expired, or Archived. Tip: If you leave all the checkboxes in a category cleared, the system will ignore that filter. So, for example, if you leave both Yes and No boxes cleared under the Paused category, the filter will ignore that category and show both Paused and not Paused SmartPacts.

  • Change the Sort order the list. You can sort the list by Name, Created date, Updated date, Expiration date, or Published date. 

  • Export the list of SmartPacts to a CSV spreadsheet file. Clicking this icon opens the Export Requests to CSV window where you can select what data to include in the exported file.

Each SmartPact in the list has a ... icon on the right side of its row. You can pause on this icon to access a menu with three items:

  • Clone the SmartPact to make a copy of it.

  • Pause Signing on the SmartPact. You need to pause signing in order to make changes to Contract it links to. That way, Signers won't accidentally sign the Contract while you're updating it. This option changes to Resume Signing if the SmartPact is already paused.

  • Preview what the SmartPact looks like to people who follow the link you distribute.

But what, you might say, about making a new SmartPact? There's a big green button with a plus sign in the lower right corner of the screen just for that.

Creating a SmartPact

Once you click that big green button, you see the SmartPact creation screen.

On the left side of this screen you can give the SmartPact a name by clicking on Enter a Name and typing in the name. Then up you upload a Contract or select a Contract that you already uploaded to PactSafe previously.

On the right side of the screen, you see five tabs:

  • Information (lowercase i in a circle) — On this tab you find information that PactSafe assigns to the SmartPact, and you can also set some information as well. This tab is where you can enter the Description, set the date the SmartPact Expires, and decide whether the Contracts should Force Scroll, be able to be downloaded, and Allow Comments.

  • URL (guy with a checkmark) — Go to this tab to copy the URL for the SmartPact. Tip: The URL doesn't appear until after you publish the SmartPact.

  • Fields (a pencil signing at the x) —  If the Contract you added to the SmartPact contains fields that you or the Signer needs to fill out, you see them listed here. 

  • Tokens (stars in curly braces) — If the Contract you added to the SmartPact contains tokens that you set the value of, this is where you set that value.

  • Activity (pulse graph) — This tab shows things like when the SmartPact was created, published, and signed.

Once you add a Contract to the SmartPact, the tabs change a little. Until you publish, the Activity tab disappears and a Formatting tab appears. The formatting and fields functionality are covered in these documents:

Still have questions? Just open a chat session or email us at help@pactsafe.com.

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