Note: The Supporting Files feature is still in limited release right now. If you'd like it enabled in your account, email your Customer Success Manager.

Have you ever wished that you could keep some documents—above and beyond the Contracts themselves—right together with the Contracts? Well, we've got good news for you, because PactSafe's Supporting Files feature lets you do just that.

The Supporting Files feature lets you attach documents to your Contract at any point in the signing process. You control who can see the Supporting Files:

  • Only users in your PactSafe site, but no Signers. Choose this option when you want to keep related information together with the Contract for your own reference. For example, you might save email exchanges related to the Contract as Supporting Files. 

  • One or more Signers that you choose. Choose this option if you want to share Supporting Files with only some of the Signers. For example, you might attach clarifications that aren't part of the legally binding Contract. 

  • All Signers. Choose this one if you want to share the Supporting Files with everyone.

You add Supporting Files to a Signature Request. Use these steps to add Supporting Files:

  1. Create a new Signature Request or open an existing Signature Request by choosing one from the Dashboard.  

  2. Click the icon with the three dots to see more menu options. Choose Supporting Files...

When you choose this option, the Supporting Files window appears. This window explains what Supporting Files are all about. You can click the Upload Supporting Files button to navigate to the Supporting File that you want to add. Once you've added at least one Supporting File, you can choose who has access to the files. 

At the bottom of the window, you see the controls where you can decide who has access to the Supporting Files. By default, the Supporting Files are not visible to Signers at all, but you can expand the Signer menu to see all of the Signers in a list. You can toggle the switch next to each Signer's name to grant them access to the Supporting Files.  

If you run in to any trouble, we're here to help! Just pop open a chat window or email us at

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