To revise a Contract after it’s been sent in a Signature Request, you just need to pause signing on the Request. Once you make your changes, you can resume Signing. 

Any Signers who already signed will receive a message telling them that the Contract was revised and they'll need to sign again. Any Signers who hadn't already Signed before your changes might never know you made changes because they'll just see the revised Contract when they review it to sign. If a Signer happens to click the link to review the Contract while signing is paused, they'll see the current version of the Contract but won't be able to agree to it. 

Pausing Sending on a Signature Request

You pause Signing within the Signature Request as the animation below shows. 

Here are the steps you see in the animation:

  1. Open the Signature Request that you want to pause Signing for. The Request must have already been sent, but must not yet be complete. You can open a Signature Request from the Dashboard by clicking it in the list. Tip: Use the magnifying glass icon to search the list for a particular Request.

  2. Hover your mouse pointer over the ... button at the top of the screen (just to the right of the Resend button). Choose the Pause Signing option. A message appears on the screen to tell you that Signing was paused.

  3. If you need to make changes to the Contract itself, hover your mouse pointer over the lower ... button (the one to the right of the Contract name). Choose the New Revision option. Tip: If the only change you need to make is to turn on Identity Confirmation, you don't need to edit the Contract. Just toggle the switch on and skip to the step where you resume Signing.

Now you can make your changes to the Contract. Tip: If you need a refresher on the Contract editing tools for Word Contracts, check out the Formatting and adding fields to Word Contracts document. 

Unpausing Signing

  1. When you're done making changes to your Contract, click the Lock button to lock in a new version of the Contract. Tip: You can click the Save button to save your draft, but you won't be able to unpause signing until you lock the revision.

  2. To unpause signing, hover your mouse over the top ... button (next to the Resend button) and choose the Resume Signing option, as you see below..

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