Sometimes you know in advance that the person you are sending a Signature request to might not be the right person to sign the Contract. If that may be the case for your Signature Request, you can use Identity Validation to give the user the ability to delegate signing responsibility to another email address. Here are three steps to enabling delegation and how your signer can delegate.

1. Turn on Identity Confirmation in your Request

Inside your PactSafe Request, there's an option on the Signers pane to enable Identity Confirmation. Toggling this switch to on displays a screen to the Signer where they must confirm their name, company, and job title before signing the Contract. 

To turn on Identity Confirmation for your Signature Request, use these steps:

  1. Open the Signature Request. You can click one from the Dashboard or create a new one

  2. Click the Signers tab on the Right side of the screen.

  3. Toggle the Identity Confirmation switch to on. 

2. The Signer goes to sign and sees the Identity Confirmation screen

When your Signers receive the Signature Request message, they'll click the link to sign. The first screen they'll will see will instruct them to confirm their identity. Below the Continue to Contract button, they'll see an option to Delegate signing to another signer.

3. Your Signer delegates signing by email address

After clicking Delegate signing, your Signer can enter a valid email address and then Confirm their designated Signer to complete signature.

What happens next?

  1. The Signer who delegated becomes a Recipient instead of a Signer. The now-Recipient will receive notification when the Request is complete.

  2. The Signer who was added through delegation will be notified via email that they're now required to sign.

  3. If Signing Order is enabled, the Signing Order will not be affected. The Signer to whom the Request was delegated will replace the original Signer in the proper order.

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