Sending and signing Contracts via text message is as easy as flicking a switch! 

Sending a Contract via text message is the same process as sending a Contract through email.  If you're starting from the Dashboard, you click Send Contract to open the screen where you make a Signature Request. The process for Signature Requests via text messages isn't any different than the process via email until you get to the Signers panel on the right side of the screen.

When you click the Signers tab to fill in all your Signer information, you'll notice that you can specify a mobile phone number of the Signer, in addition to an email address.

Simply add your Signer's mobile number and toggle the Send switch on (it turns blue when it's on). Then just continue on to send your Signature Request like you normally would. Your Signers will receive a text message that looks something like this:

When the Signer taps the link, the Contract appears right on the mobile device, like this:

You can see that it's super easy for the Signer to read through the Contract and tap to agree. Signers can even download the Contract to their mobile device. When Signers agree, they see a success page kind of like this one.

As the screenshot shows, at the same time, a text message comes in with a thank you message and a link to the Contract.  

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