When sending a Signature Request, the most important things are to make sure the Signers sign the Contract in the right place and that you're getting all the information you need to create a binding agreement, right? Right! So once you've added fields to capture all the info you need from your Signer(s), you can add your Contract to a Signature Request, assign the fields, and send it for Signature.

Note: Assigning fields functions the same for both PDF and HTML Contracts.

Send a Signature Request for your Contract 

You send a Contract for signature, intuitively enough, by clicking the Send Contracts button on the navigation menu on the left side of the screen. 

The screen to create a new Signature Request. appears. Then just select a Contract (or upload one by dragging in a PDF or Word doc onto the canvas):

Next you'll either assign Signers to Signer Roles (if Signer Roles were used when the Contract was set up) or assign Fields to Signers (if Signer Roles were not used).

Assigning Signers to Signer Roles

If the Contract you are sending uses Signer Roles, then the person who created the Contract assigned each field to a type of Signer. All you have to do is specify which actual Signer belongs to each Signer Role, and you're good to go. You do that on the Signer tab:

Just click in the field for one of the Signer Roles and start typing the name of a Signer. If you've ever sent a Contract to the Signer before, then PactSafe will recognize what you're typing in and pop up their name for you to click. If you haven't ever sent to that Signer before, just start typing their name and click the Create button that shows up under the field.

Repeat for each Signer Role and you're ready to send!

Assigning Fields to Signers

If the Contract you're sending doesn't use Signer Roles, then you just have to add the Signer(s) and then tell PactSafe which Signer is supposed to fill out each field.

Tip: If the same Signer needs to fill out all the fields, you can assign all the fields quickly. Add the Signer to the Signature Request, then hover over the Options button (...) and click Assign All Fields from the menu that appears.

When you add a Contract with Signer Fields to a Signature Request, each Signer Field appears in the Fields pane on the right side of the screen:

You assign which fields should be filled out by which Signers by clicking into this pane and assigning them field by field. You do the assigning after you've added your Signers. Here's an example of how easy it is to assign fields from the Fields pane:

You can also click on the fields in the context of your Contract and assign them that way:

For more info about assigning Fields or any other questions, just start a chat with us, or drop an email to help@pactsafe.com.

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