For Signers, the Signing process is super-intuitive. Signers just receive a message, click the link, and follow the on-screen instructions. No confusion and no hand-holding required!

After you've selected the Signers for a Contract and you’ve officially sent the Signature Request, Signers receive an email or text message prompting them to sign. It will look something like this:

Once the Signer opens the request email like the one above, they see a prompt to review the Contract. Clicking REVIEW CONTRACT opens a new browser window and displays the Contract. If the Contract does not contain any fields, then the Signer sees a simple AGREE button, as in the figure below.

If the Contract does include fields to fill out, then the Signer sees a similar prompt that tells them how many fields they'll have to fill out and prompts them to Start

Once the Signer fills out the fields, a prompt to agree appears for them as well.

After clicking AGREE signers will have officially completed their part of the Signature Request. A confirmation message appears including the option to download a PDF of the signed Contract.

If you designated a signing order, subsequent signers will not receive the Request for signature until the previous Signers in order have completed the Request. 

Once everyone has completed the Request, all the Signers and Recipients receive a follow-up email. The email notifies them that the Signature Request is complete and provides a link to view their signed Contract.

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