Many users find one Legal Center per PactSafe Site to be plenty, but depending on how you set up your organization, maybe you need more. Don't worry: we've got just what you need!

Note: The ability to host multiple Legal Centers needs to be enabled on your account. Drop a line to if you want it turned on. 

You create your Legal Centers on the Legal Centers screen under Settings. Here's how you get there:

  1. Click the Profile & Settings button at the bottom of the left-hand navigation. It's the round button with your profile photo or your initials. A pop-up menu appears right next to the button.

  2. Choose Settings from the pop-up menu. The Account Settings appear, with a special Settings sub-menu on the left.

  3. Choose Legal Centers from the menu. The Legal Centers screen appears. 

To start a new Legal Center, click the green + button in the lower right corner. To edit an existing Legal Center, its name from the list. Use the three dots to the right of the Legal Center's name to view or unpublish the Legal Center (if it's already published) or delete it (if it's not already published). 

When you create a new Legal Center or edit an existing one, you see this screen: 

Meet The Tabs

The five tabs—Overview, Contracts, HTML, CSS, and Javascript—are where the magic happens to make the Legal Center look and work just how you want it to.


Use the Overview tab, shown above, to set the properties of the Legal Center. Click the pencil icon to the right of the Name, Key, or Description to change those values. You can also toggle the switch to prevent search engines from indexing the Legal Center.


The Contracts tab is where you choose which Contracts to show on the Legal Center. All of the Contracts that you have published and made Public for this site appear in a list. You can toggle the switches on for each Contract you want to show up on this Legal Center. If the Contract has translations, they'll appear on the Legal Center as well.


The HTML tab is where you can add HTML to the Header, Navigation section, Body, or Footer of the Legal Center.


Use the CSS tab to add CSS that is specific to this particular Legal Center. The CSS you add here augments, and in some cases may supersede, the CSS you created to style all of your Legal Centers. If you want to add CSS that applies to all of your Legal Centers, check out the Styling your Legal Center doc.


Just like it sounds, the Javascript tab is where you can add Javascript to your Legal Center. Use the Header Javascript field to add Javascript to the header; use the Footer Javascript field to add Javascript to the footer. Obviously. 

Through all that? Now all that's left is to click Publish to make your Legal Center available to your users! 

You should be good to go, but if you run in to problems, we're always ready to help. Just open a chat window or email us at

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