You present Standardized Contracts to your Signers in your app or on your website. Your PactSafe account makes it super quick and easy to get these Standardized Contracts in front of your Signers, and gives you several options for how that experience can look.

This document talks about the Style choices you have on the Settings tab when you create a Group.

Design choices 

There are five default styles in PactSafe:

  • Full

  • Scroll

  • Checkbox

  • Combined

  • Embedded

Option 1: The Full style wraps Contracts with a border and displays them in full. It also provides  a link to download the Contract. Once a Contract checkbox is checked/accepted, the text of the Contract will collapse, as shown in this screenshot:

Option 2: The Scroll style will collapse the Contracts into a box with a border (and a link to download) and the user will be able to scroll to read the Contract. Upon checking/accepting the Contract, the box will collapse as the following screenshot shows:

Option 3: The Checkbox style removes the actual contents of the Contract from the page altogether and simply provide a checkbox and link to read more. The link opens the Contract in a separate tab.

Option 4: The Combined style allows you to collapse the checkbox so your customers can accept all Contracts with a single click. A link to each Contract in the Legal Center opens the Contract in a new tab:

Option 5: The Embedded style allows you to easily embed a form with the Contract inline in a responsive manner. That way, you don't need additional code to capture the right information about a Contract:

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