Why doesn't my Group of Contracts appear?

Sometimes developers tell us: "I'm not getting any errors, but I'm not seeing the Contracts on the page." A common issue with trying to load Groups of Contracts is a setting that is not enabled by default in Groups. Double check the following issues if you think you've set up everything properly but you're still not seeing your Contracts/checkboxes load on the page.

Enable "Display All Contracts" in Group settings

When configuring your Group, "Display All Contracts" is not enabled by default. What this means is that your Contracts will not display until:

  1. A signer ID has been set either by listening to the Signer ID Selector or by calling _ps('set', 'signer_id', signer_id);

  2. Your signer ID passed to PactSafe has not accepted the latest version(s) of the Contract(s) you're trying to present to the user

The Contracts will not load on the page unless both of these are in place.

Enable "Display Contracts Immediately" in Group settings

When "Display Contracts Immediately" is disabled, your Contracts will not show until the Signer ID has been set (see above).

Container Selector or Signer ID Selector hasn't been set

Two necessary pieces are required to start successfully sending acceptance to Contracts:

  1. Signer ID Selector: That is the input field (<input id="signer-id-selector" />) set to assign the Signer ID to a Signer.

  2. Container Selector: This is where the Contracts will be injected onto the page (<div id="container-selector"></div>)

If both of these aren't defined either in the Group configuration like so...

... then you can also define it in code using the following:

// put the global snippet before this
_ps('load', 'your-group-key', { container_selector: "container-selector", signer_id_selector: "signer-id-selector" });


Why aren't all Contracts/checkboxes loading when I load a Group in my app?

When embedding PactSafe into your website or app, you'll need to run a few snippets of code to successfully load:

  1. PactSafe's library onto the page

  2. The group of contracts you want to load on the page (get started with our library here)

  3. A <div> dedicated to where the contracts will be populated

You'll need to configure your Group to make sure that your desired behavior is happening. Generally, when doing initial testing, you'll want to have the following settings enabled:

Note: By default, in all Groups initially created, Display All Contracts is usually disabled. When publishing without this enabled, your contracts will not show until your signer ID is set. Learn how to set your Signer ID here.

What does "Send Form" do in a Hosted Form?

When configuring a Hosted Form, you have the ability to build and publish a form hosted at PactSafe that anyone can fill out, click a button, and accept legal terms. We also provide you the ability to:

  1. Import a list of Signers as a CSV file

  2. Send an email to all potential Signers of a contract to sign via a Hosted Form

Some potential use cases for this might be getting acceptance to Model Clauses, blasting out an email to all imported Signers who haven't signed an NDA, sending out an email to all employees to get acceptance on a new policy, etc.

To send an email from PactSafe to all signers (who have not already accepted), you click "Send Form" from the Groups dashboard for your Hosted Form:

Then, you'll be prompted with a dialog that will include the published URL of the form (the Hosted Form must be published in order to link successfully:

You can customize the email message displayed to the user when it's sent out. The email sent out will come from your Site Name and will look like the following:


What's the "Signer ID Selector"?

The Signer ID Selector is a part of the JavaScript library from PactSafe. Requires JavaScript/HTML knowledge. In your form where we’re capturing your opt in or purchase, the Signer ID Selector automatically listens to a form field with the CSS ID of your specifying.

An example form for sign up might look like this:

<form action="..." method="post" id="form1" class="form">
<label for="first-name">First name:</label>
<input type="text" name="first_name" id="first-name" />
<label for="email-address">Email Address:</label>
<input type="email" name="email" id="ps-login-email" />
<p>By clicking "Submit", you agree to the <a href="#">Terms and Conditions</a>.</p>
<div id="agreements"></div>
<p><input type="submit" value="Submit" /></p>

The Signer ID Selector of this form would be ps-login-email.

Why can't I add my Contract to a Group?

Getting an error adding a Contract to a Group? Can't find your Contract when trying to add it? Here are some common issues that might prevent you from successfully adding Contracts to a Group:

You haven't published your Contract yet

Only published Contracts can be added to a Group. If you haven't published your Contract, it won't show up as an option to add to a Group. Learn how to publish your Contract here >>

Your Contract isn't public

Only Contracts that you set to Public in the Contract Properties appear on the Select a Contract page when you are creating a Group. You can learn more about making Contracts public here >>

You need to refresh the page

Sometimes our app gets a bit out of sync. Try refreshing the page and your contract might just show up! :-)

More questions? Just start a chat or email us at help@pactsafe.com.

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