Once you have your PactSafe account integrated with your Salesforce account, it's time to map your fields. Get excited, this is the fun part! 

If you already have a Contract ready to use in PactSafe, then you can go straight to following the steps below. Otherwise, real quick click here to walk through how to get one setup.

  1. Open an Opportunity in Salesforce.

  2. Click New PactSafe Request.

  3. Once PactSafe opens, click Select Existing Contract.  

  4. Select Published contract and click Finish.

  5. Click New Revision.

  6. Add in a Token Field to pull in all Salesforce fields. 

  7. Add in Salesforce fields using API Name. For example, Salesforce.Full_Amount__c (API Name: Full_Amount__c)

Note: Repeat step 6 and 7 for each Salesforce field you want mapped into your PactSafe Contract. Tip: Having trouble finding the API name? Go to Setup>Customize>Opportunity>Fields, and find the field you are trying to insert into the document.

Field API Example

Now you're ready to show your team how to send through PactSafe for Salesforce! Click here to watch the sending workflow.

If you still have questions, start up a chat with us or send an email to help@pactsafe.com.

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