The Legal Center is web pages that PactSafe generates automatically to contain your legal Contracts. It maintains a version history of the Contracts that you've published and made public through PactSafe. 

Take a quick tour of the Legal Center in this video: 

The Legal Center is not a place where people sign Contracts. Instead, this is where users can review the privacy policy, terms of service, and other Standardized Contracts — the ones that they must agree to in order to proceed. 

Tip: If what you're really interested in is sending a Contract directly to a Signer for a signature, check out the documentation on Personalized Contracts.

Most of the time, PactSafe users have just one Legal Center that automatically includes all the published public Contracts. However, it's also possible to set up multiple Legal Centers, if you request that feature to be turned on. When you have multiple Legal Centers, you decide which Contracts appear on each one.

Many components of the design make the Legal Center able to help you protect your business. Here's a quick overview of the layout of the Legal Center.

  1. Table of Contents: The easy-to-read navigation makes it simple for visitors to find the Contract they're looking for.

  2. Language Switcher: The language switcher lets users click to see a list of all languages/localities that Contracts are available in on the Legal Center. The Contract Translations feature must be enabled in your account in order for this drop-down to appear. 

  3. Version Drop-down: The version drop-down lets users review previous versions of the currently displayed Contract.

  4. Effective Date: The effective date shows when the selected version became effective. 

Note: In order to view your Legal Center, you'll need to publish at least one Contract and set the Contract to public

You can view your Legal Center by going to your Site Settings and clicking the Legal Center link:

From this screen you can also republish your Legal Center at any point. Note: Whenever you publish changes to your public Groups or Contracts, your Legal Center is automatically published to reflect the changes.

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