A Hosted Form is a page that is published and hosted by the PactSafe platform and presents a group of Contracts for acceptance from any signer that has a link to that page. Customers of PactSafe use Hosted Forms for all sorts of use cases:

  • Providing a link to customers to execute a Beta Agreement

  • Sign up Franchisers with a published Franchise Agreement

  • Send a link to hundreds of employees with the company-wide policies that need to be accepted

Hosted Form Example

Publishing a Hosted Form

Publishing a Hosted Form requires Groups in your PactSafe account. You'll see Groups here on your navigation sidebar:

Click the green

in the bottom right-hand corner of your Groups page. If you have Hosted Forms enabled, you'll see an option to select a new "Hosted Form":

From there, you can configure the group to do the following:

  • Which contracts you want to be presented (the contracts must be published and be public)

  • You can provide "Instructions" for the user on how to fill out the form

  • You can customize the acceptance language the user sees when accepting

  • "Notification email address" allows you to specify the email address to be notified when the form is submitted

Once you click Publish, you'll see that the link in the upper right that you can share with whomever you want to sign!

Customize the branding of your Hosted Form

Want to customize how this form looks? You can add custom CSS to the page by filling in the "Custom Styles." Or open a chat and we can work with you on branding the form to your brand guidelines or standards (some fees may apply).

For additional questions, just start up a chat session or email us at help@pactsafe.com.

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