Chat-to-Sign is a feature in PactSafe that allows you to send Signature Requests and receive the signed Contract right in your communications platforms, like Slack and Intercom. 

Each integration has its unique elements, but the big value proposition is taking the work out of signing a Contract by making it a seamless part of a customer or team interaction. For example, our Intercom integration let you connect PactSafe to Intercom and use a PactSafe Chat-to-Sign Messenger app to pick a Contract, add values that dynamically render on the agreement, and embed the Contract for acceptance within the Intercom Messenger. 

Learn more about the benefits on our Chat-to-Sign webpage. Or if you're ready to get started integrating PactSafe and Intercom, dig deeper on embedding Contracts using the Messenger app in Intercom. If you still have questions after all that, just pop open a chat or send off an email to

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