Your Signature Request is sent! Let's take a look at how it's progressing by checking the Signature Request status. You can find the status on the dashboard or at the top of the screen when you open the Signature Request. 

While you're working on your Signature Request, its status is Draft. But once you click Send, your Signature Request starts a three-step journey:

  • Sent (orange) — your Signature Request has been sent to at least one valid email address, but no one has looked at it yet. Tip: If the email is returned undeliverable for some reason, the Sent circle will appear red instead of orange. 

  • Open (blue) — at least one Signer has opened your Signature Request. Tip: If the Signature Request has more than one Signer, it may show up as In Progress with a progress bar showing how many Signers have signed and how many are left to go. 

  • Complete (green) — your Contract has been signed by all Signers. Hooray! 

If your Signature Request has an expiration date, it can have a status of Expired when you look at it on the dashboard. When you open the Signature Request itself, you will see the status that the Signature Request was in when it expired, plus a message like this:

Many processes in PactSafe only make sense for Signature Requests in one status or another. For example, you can only add comments to a Request in Open status or pause a Request in Sent or Open status.

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