Signers, get your Signers! Signers, intuitively enough, are the people who sign your Contracts. This article is all about Signers and the Signers screen. 

Each of your users, customers, and employees who accepts any Contract inside of PactSafe is tracked as a Signer. The Signer is the most important record in the PactSafe application. For legal teams, finding proof of "manifestation of assent" can prove costly and difficult if tracking who agreed to what is not an efficient process. However, with PactSafe, you have quick access to a number of key facts that you might need in a dispute:

  • Discover to which version(s) of your Contract your customer agreed

  • Certify all the information and metadata about the transaction and how your customer accepted

  • View each response and any customized data about the Signer (name, product purchased, plan, etc.)

  • Review timestamps connected to every single transaction executed with your customer

Here's an example of a Signer record showcasing the detailed information captured, marrying the content of your legal agreements to the Signer:

Every activity a Signer does that is connected to a Contract (checking a box, unchecking a box, submitting a form) is tracked and can be viewed here inside your PactSafe account. From this screen, you can find a record for every person whom you've ever asked to sign a Contract. 

You can easily find a Signer by searching for their name, company, or title. Click a name to see the Signer screen: 

The Signers screen summarizes all the information you have about a Signer. This screen contains:

  • The Signer's Properties, like name, Signer ID (generally email address), and other properties, like when the Signer record was created in the system.

  • A list of the Contracts that you've requested the Signer sign. You can click a Contract in the list to see the how and when the Signer interacted with that Contract.

  • A summary of Recent Activity for the Signer.

You can click that little blue Edit button to update the Signer properties that make sense to be able to update, like contact information. You can also click the menu button (...) to do some interesting things:

  • Generate Record to send yourself an electronic record of the information you have about the Signer. You can specify a Contract and even a Contract version if you want to. You'll get an email with a PDF of the Signer's information.

  • Export Activity to generate a CSV file with a bunch of information about the Signer. When you click Export Activity, you get to choose which Standard, Connection, and Custom data to include in the CSV.

  • Delete the Signer from your account.
    Deleting a Signer from your account will only eliminate them from appearing in searches and in your Signers grid. All activity with that Signer cannot be deleted unless it is test data.

You'll learn more about Signers when you're assigning them fields while sending Signature Requests

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