Your Contract Fields can be used in Signature Requests to streamline how fast you can get a Contract out the door. By simply filling in a few fields, you can get a Contract ready and dynamically populated to connect the information in your Contracts to other important systems. 

Adding Contract Amount to a Contract

When sending a Contract for signature, many Contracts will have an amount (in dollars, yen, pounds, etc.) that the Contract will determine. Instead of going into the Contract and using the WYSIWYG to add the amount every time, we're going to make this piece of the Contract dynamic. This way, we'll avoid any possibility for human error when actually editing the agreement. We're going to first do this in context of sending a Contract.

First, when I'm editing the Contract as a template, before I publish I'm going to swap out the placeholder "AMOUNT GOES HERE" with a Contract Field that will be input by the sender when actually sending the Contract:

Note: Contract Fields can not have spaces in them! Be aware!

Filling in a Contract Field when sending

Now, when you publish the Contract, it will be available for sending. Let's go through the sending process. After adding the Contract to a Request, you can input the Contract Amount by clicking on the curly brackets to get to your Tokens (Contract Fields):

From here, you just type in the Amount (or any value for a field that you want):

Then you can preview the Fields populated after clicking the


Boom! How much easier is that than opening up and editing the contract itself? Companies of all sizes use this to streamline how contracts are sent.

Using "Restricted" values for Contract Fields

You can also make populating fields in your Contracts even easier by defining what all values can be populated instead of allowing freeform text entry. By restricting the values of a Contract Field, you can limit what is actually populated in a Contract based upon a dropdown or selection of field values. A great example of a restricted field value is payment terms of a contract. You might have payment terms that are "On Receipt", "Net 30", or "Net 60".

Click on any Contract Field inside of the editor to see the options for that Token. You would enable restricted values by enabling the "Restricted Values" picker:

Note: Changing the restricted values of any Token/Contract Field will change the restricted values for your entire Site. So do so wisely!

Another note: The "Default Value" needs to be in the list of options if you want everything to work properly. You can choose to leave the "Default Value" blank, which will not force the contract sender to choose an option when sending (and can therefore appear blank in the Contract or Request).

What do Restricted values look like when I'm sending a Contract?

Inside of your Request, you'll now see a dropdown available with all of your restricted options that your senders can choose from when sending an Contract Request for esignature:

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