As part of our service, PactSafe hosts published versions of your public Contracts on a site called your Legal Center. By default, the URL of the Legal Center is automatically generated by PactSafe and contains long strings of random characters. It's just fine for linking to, but not very easy to type in to your browser's address bar. It also doesn't use your company's corporate domain by default.

Professional and Enterprise customers have the option to customize the URL of the Legal Center to match the corporate domain, though. For example, a customized URL might look like this: This customization not only makes the URL easier to remember and type, but it also inspires trust because the domain is the same as your company website.

Currently, setting up a custom domain for a Legal Center requires a bit of configuration on the back-end for the PactSafe team; it's not something you can do yourself through the product interface. Get in touch if you'd like to have a custom domain.

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