Want to allow Signers to make redlines to the Signature Requests you send them? We've got you covered with our Comments feature.

Begin by creating a Signature Request as you typically would. Once you've selected your Contract, open the information tab in the panel on the right side of the screen. Here you can see a switch you toggle on to Allow Comments.  

When you send a Signature Request that allows comments, the Signers see an icon to Add comment when they view the Contract. The Signer can click this icon, highlight text in the Contract, and enter a comment in the text field that appears.

You get a notification about unresolved Signer comments so you can review them and respond. You can process the comments by previewing the Signature Request. The request can't be completed until all the comments are resolved, so don't delay!

Tip: If you need to change the Contract in order to resolve the comment, you must pause signing before you make the changes. 

You can learn more about comments by checking out our Collaborating on a Request with Comments document. If you run in to trouble, just start a chat or email us at help@pactsafe.com.

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