If it is enabled in your account, the Approvals workflow in PactSafe prompts Approvers in your account to check over outgoing Signature Requests before they go out the door. You can set up which Users' Signature Requests need Approval and which Users are Approvers within your account.  Whenever one of the Users you set up sends a Signature Request, PactSafe will prompt the Approver to approve it before it goes to any Signers.

Note: You need to had administrator permissions to perform these procedures. 

Getting the Approval workflow set up is quick and easy. You just need to:

  1. Set up which Users' Signature Requests need Approval.

  2. Set up which Users can Approve Signature Requests.

  3. If there's more than one Approver and you want them to approve in a certain order, you can set the order.

Setting up which Users' Signature Requests need Approval

Use these steps to tell PactSafe which Users' Signature Requests need approval: 

  1. From the Dashboard (or any place in PactSafe where you see the left-hand menu), click your User from the very bottom.

  2. Choose Settings from the menu that flies out. A Settings menu panel appears.

  3. Click Users on the Settings menu.

  4. Find a User whose Signature Requests need Approval and click that User's name. Tip: Try the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner to search for users by name.

  5. On the User's profile, you see a list of the different Sites and Roles this User has. Hover your mouse pointer over the ... at the very right of the Site/Role where the User needs approval, and click Edit Permissions.

  6. Toggle the Needs Approval switch on and click Save.

Adding Approvers

Use these steps. First you need to get to the Settings:

  1. From wherever you are in PactSafe, click the user menu from the bottom of the menu on the left-hand side of the screen and click Settings. The Settings menu pops out.

  2. Click Approvers on the menu.

  3. Use the search box to find the User that you want to make an Approver. Tip: The search box is at the bottom of the list of Approvers. You might have to scroll if you already have a lot of Approvers set up.

  4. Click the User from the search results to add them to the list of Approvers.

You can repeat these steps to add as many approvers as you need.

Setting an Approval order

If you have only one Approver, this process is unnecessary. However, if you have more than one, you can choose whether to turn on Approval Order. 

If you don't use Approval Order, PactSafe just blasts a Signature Request out to all of the Approvers at the same time. Once they all give the thumbs up, it goes out the door. 

If you do turn on Approval Order, the the first Approver has to approve the Signature Request before the second one even sees the Request for approval. The second Approver has to approve before the third one gets it, as so on.

You have to have added your Approvers before you can set the order. Once you'd done that, continue with these steps for setting up approval order:

  1. Toggle the Approval Order switch to on.

  2. Drag and drop the Users into the order you want to use.

More questions? You can start up a chat or email us at help@pactsafe.com.

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