Signer fields allow you to add blanks that can be filled in by any of your Signers when they're executing a Contract. You can add text blocks, checkboxes, or esignature blocks to your Contracts to gather information from your Signer when executing a Contract. You add these Fields to your Contracts or Templates and assign the fields to be completed by any of your signers when sending a Request.

See the Signature block on the below PactSafe Contract to see what a Field looks like for your Signer:

A Contract that has Signer Fields on it indicates that those fields need to be filled out as part of a binding agreement. While those Fields may be optional to each Signer to fill out, PactSafe does require that all fields be assigned to someone before sending.

Prior to sending a Request for signature, if all Signer Fields aren't assigned, you'll receive an error. If all Fields aren't assigned, our system won't be able to interpret who is supposed to sign where on the Contract. This may potentially change in the future—but with our editor, you can revise each agreement and simply delete fields you don't need or that don't need to be filled out as part of a signature.

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