The articles in this section are about getting documents available and ready for people in your company to send to Signers. If you are looking for documents about sending Contracts, check out the Sending Requests for Contract Signatures Overview.

You have a lot of flexibility to make the Contracts that you send out just the way you want them to be and keep them up to date over time.

To make a brand new Contract in PactSafe, you use the steps in the adding a Contract procedure. When you modify a Contract, you make a new Version. When you add or modify a Contract in Microsoft Word, you can format and add fields to the Word Contract. As you'd expect, you can also format and add fields to a PDF Contract.

Once your Contract is ready for people to send to Signers, you need to Publish the Contract to make it available. To make the Contract show up in your Legal Center, you have to make the Contract Public. If the Contract doesn't change very much and you want to be able to just send a URL of it instead of send a copy of the Contract itself, you can Add the Contract to a SmartPact.

You might want to always use more than one Contract together. For example, you might want website users to always agree to the privacy policy and terms of service at the same time. In cases like that, you can Add the Contracts to a Group.

If you need to, you can delete a Contract or just the most recent draft (also known as the most recent, unpublished version of the Contract).

If you run into problems, we've got a troubleshooting guide ready for you. Of course, if that doesn't work, we're always glad to hear from you.

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