The PactSafe application has been designed to help you worry less about where and when content exists and needs to be updated so that you can get back to running your business. You can easily manage and configure a couple of things to help you centralize your legal content across your business:

  • Control what Contracts are accepted in various places within your business, on your website, or inside your mobile app

  • Create once, publish everywhere

Control what agreements are accepted

With Groups, you can add or remove agreements that are usually accepted together — an example would be accepting both a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use on a website registration form that's displayed like so:

But you may also want to have a link to the same Privacy Policy in the footer of your website:

All you have to do is create two Groups inside of PactSafe (one Clickwrap and one Browsewrap) that will show up like this:

And for each Group you can configure the presentation to be a Browsewrap or a Clickwrap (with 4 different styles: Full, Scroll, Checkboxes, or Combined). Then by loading each respective Group, your agreements will automagically be configured to your design. It gives you a ton of flexibility as you're setting up PactSafe without the headache of managing content and links for each place your agreement needs to be linked or included.

Create once, publish everywhere

Since you're using a centralized content library for all of your Contracts, whenever you make a change (to your Privacy Policy, for example), all you need to do is click Publish and every single instance of your Contracts will be updated in real-time!

Groups give you a ton of flexibility and really help your team centralize your legal content without the overhead of managing changes. Lawyers are empowered to manage their business!

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