Contract Fields are placeholders in your Contracts for pieces of information that can be unique to each signature or acceptance of a Contract. When you send or load embedded Contracts on a page, you can tell the Contract what information to use to populate those Contract Fields. 

Benefits of using Contract Fields

There are a lot of awesome benefits to using Contract Fields in your contracts:

  1. Speed: Streamline how fast you can send contracts—type a few field values and press send
  2. Flexibility: Set restricted values for fields so that senders pick the right option every time
  3. Quality: Reduce the amount of typing and human error when editing contracts

There are two primary ways that you'd use Contract Fields as part of your Contract acceptance/esignature process:

  1. Populating information in your Requests to streamline text entry and Contract editing before sending.
  2. Using our JavaScript Library to dynamically render Contract Fields in your click-through agreements in your web or mobile app. (Developers)

If you are using JavaScript, you'll want to check out our Developer docs on creating a data-driven Contract with Contract Fields.

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