Creating legal Contracts in PactSafe is super easy to the point of actually being fun. Let's get started, shall we? OK. You can add a new Contract anywhere in the PactSafe application. You'll see the icon to Add Contract on the left:

You can load Contracts in two ways:

  • Click or drag to upload a Contract. You can upload a PDF or Microsoft Word document (.DOCx only) that you created previously.  

  • Start from scratch. Click this option and see an editor field. You can type the Contract right here or paste it in from another document.

Pro Tip: Deciding to upload a PDF

Most of the time, you want to upload a Word file or start your Contract from scratch. Both approaches result in an HTML Contract that can support a lot more in terms of logic and customization. However, uploading a PDF version of a Contract might be the better choice when you have an existing Contract ready to send that doesn't have fields or only requires a simple signature from your Signer. 

In the GIF below, you see the steps to upload an existing Word document. From here, you can start customizing the Contract.

You'll want to format the Contract to make it look just how you want it and add fields to the Contract (Word docs or PDF docs) so that Signers know what to do when they receive a Signature Request.

Add tags the describe the Contract. Later, people in your company can search for Contracts based on the tags.

Here's a video if you'd prefer to paste in your document from Word and what to look out for. 

Quick note: This video is about copying text from a Word document and pasting it in to the PactSafe editor, which you might want to do, for example, to paste in only a couple pages from a Word doc that has more than one Contract in it. If you want all of the Word doc in the Contract, you can upload the whole Word document. 

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