The Signer Roles feature in PactSafe is a major time-saver. When a Contract has fields that different Signers need to complete, the person sending the Contract needs a way to say who should fill out which fields. Assigning each Signer Field individually takes forever if there are a lot of Signer Fields, and it's easy to make mistakes. 

Signer Roles to the rescue! Instead of making the sender assign each Signer Field individually, you can assign the fields to a Signer Role when you're first creating the Contract. Then, the sender can skip assigning each field individually. Instead, the sender just indicates which Signer belongs in each Signer Role and the software does the rest.

Creating Signer Roles

You create your Signer Roles as part of the process to create Signer Fields when you're first making the Contract. Signer Fields are as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. You add the Signer Roles to your Contract when you're creating it.
  2. The sender assigns each Signer Role to a Signer when sending the Signature Request.
  3. PactSafe makes sure the right Signer fills out each field when completing the Signature Request. 

Voila! You get all the information you need to complete the Contract. 

Obviously you need Signer Fields for the date and the signature itself, but you could can make all kinds of Signer fields. You might make spaces for Signers to enter their name, title, company, age, or whatever pieces of information you need for your legal process.

To take it even further, you can have multiple different kinds of Signers that need to fill out these fields. For example, you might need the signature of both the CFO and the CEO on a Contract, regardless of which client you're working with, as you see in the Contract below.

All those fields on the Authorized Financial Officer side need to be filled out by the same person — probably the CFO — so you group those together under the CFO role. Meanwhile, all the fields on the Authorized Executive Officer side need to be filled out by the CEO, so you group those together under the CEO role.

To actually create the role, just click a field and enter the name of the role in the Signer Role field. When you start typing, PactSafe pops up a list of Signer Roles that you've used before for you to choose from, or you can enter something entirely new. Repeat this process for each field in the Contract. 

Later, when someone in your company sends a Signature Request for this Contract, they'll choose which Signer belongs to each Signer Role. You can see what the process looks like from the sender's point of view in the How do I assign Fields to a Signer? document.

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