Welcome to PactSafe! This short video can help you get oriented on the Dashboard and menu before we dig in to the details below. 

Now let's focus on the Dashboard. We're excited to show you around! Your Dashboard is where all of your account history lives.

On the left side of the screen, you can select which Signature Requests to look at:

  • My Requests — Only the Signature Requests you sent.

  • Everyone's Requests — All the  Signature Requests in your account.

  • Others' Requests — Only the Signature Requests sent by users other than you.

On the right side of the screen, you see these icons that help you find the Signature Requests you want:

  • Search: Click the magnifying glass icon to display the search box. Enter the word you want to search for and press Enter.

  • Refresh: Unsurprisingly, you click the Refresh icon to refresh the list.

  • Filter: Click the Filter icon to display the Filter Requests panel. On this panel, you can filter the Signature Requests in the list by Status, whether the request is Paused, Expired, or Archived, and by the Sender of the Signature Request.

  • Sort: Click the Sort icon to change the order in which the Signature Requests in the list appear. You can sort the list by Name, Created date, Updated date, Expiration date, Sent date, or Completed date.
    You can also click the column header to sort. For example, you can click the Sent header to sort by Sent date.

Tip: Click a doughnut graph at the top to quickly filter the list of requests by status. Click the doughnut graph again to remove the filter.

The PactSafe Menu is how you get to all the screens in the PactSafe product. You can display the words next to these symbols by clicking the blue PactSafe logo in the upper lefthand corner from most screens in the app.

Each item on the menu takes you to a whole different part of the app:

  • Click Add Contracts to make a new Contract. Check out Contract Administration Overview for links to all the step-by-step instructions you need.

  • Simply click Send Contracts to create a Signature Request. Read Sending Requests for Contract Signatures Overview to get started sending.

  • Click Dashboard to get back to the Dashboard. 

  • Depending on your PactSafe license level, you might see SmartPacts next. Click to take a tour of the SmartPacts feature.

  • Click Groups to set up Contracts on your website or app. In this article, you can learn about creating and managing Groups.

  • Choose Contracts to create or edit Contracts for sending or putting on your website. Get a high-level of discussion of Contracts here. 

  • Want to find a Signer? Select this option to go to the Signers screen. 

  • Select Activity Log to get up-to-date on recent events. Check out the Activity Log page for a full run down of what you see in this log. 

  • You use the crossing arrows icon to Sign into Another Site that you have access to. Check out this article to read about Changing Sites or dive into What is a Site

  • Choose your profile picture (or initials, if you don't have a profile picture) to access Profile and Settings. From here you can update your User Profile, update your account settings, contact support, get to documentation and release notes, or sign out of your account. See the Profile & Settings menu document for more information on this powerful menu. 

More questions? Just open a chat or email us at help@pactsafe.com.

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